About Us

Rosehip Design blossoms from a passion for vibrant colours, floral patterns, and the serene beauty of the English countryside. Founded 15 years ago in South Africa by Gerry and Chris, our journey began with a vision to blend creativity with comfort, offering a range of clothing and homeware that celebrates the essence of nature.

At Rosehip Design, we take pride in our craftsmanship, designing fabrics and manufacturing a diverse range of products, including dresses, sleepwear, kitchenware, and rainwear and umbrellas. Our collections are characterized by loose-fitting, flowing silhouettes crafted from high-quality cotton or linen, ensuring both style and comfort for our customers.

Inspired by the picturesque landscapes and blooming flowers of the English countryside, our designs exude a sense of tranquility and elegance. From the delicate petals of wildflowers to the vibrant hues of summer gardens, each piece reflects the timeless beauty of nature.

In 2019, we came over and tested the brand at select flowers shows and following a fabulous response, in 2021 Rosehip Design relocated to the United Kingdom, bringing our distinctive flair for floral and bright colours to a new audience. Gerry's creativity infuses every fabric design and garment, capturing the essence of our brand, while Chris oversees all aspects of customer relations and administration, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued customers.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our commitment to creativity, quality, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. Join us on our journey as we celebrate the harmony between nature and design, one vibrant creation at a time. Welcome to Rosehip Design – where every piece tells a story of beauty, comfort, and joy.